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Talktothree is a unique organization set up with a passionate vision to empower people and alleviate poverty through a board breaking system that is built by professionals.

We provide agricultural training as well as agricultural investment management portfolios of varied categories, beginning with our immediate environment, and spreading across the globe.

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*For the purpose of this MLM Scheme, 1 USD is at the rate of N200

Frequently Aksed Questions

01. What is Talktothree?

Talktothree is a limited liability organization that specializes in Empowerment Trainings as well as Agriculture investment Management.
We have a highly experienced team of Managers, Business developers & Consultants who will guide and direct clients through the various stages of their agricultural ventures until they are brought to fruition.
Our objective is to empower participants by providing training on, and start-up of Profitable Agricultural Business Enterprises.
Through the basic principles of networking we help our clients raise the required funding for their respective Agric Projects.

02. Is this a ponzi scheme?

Talktothree isn't a ponzi scheme or money doubler. We are an investment company, empowering people to alleviate poverty through agriculture.

03. How does it work?

Talktothree runs on a unique and simple one level 3X2 Matrix system. Each participant requires only 3 "active" downlines to earn full benefits.
There are 4 categories/packages
Starter - costs N10,000
Grower - costs N70,000
Elite - costs N150,000
VIP pack- costs N1,000,000

04.How do I earn?

You can earn in your e-wallet when you refer three (3) people to the network and earn your cash out funds in cash and Enterprise when your three (3) refer their three (3).

05. Are there other benefits besides cash?

Benefits are three-fold;
  1. 1. Modular Training in Choice of Enterprise (from a list provided for your registered category),
  2. 2. Agric Enterprise Start up kit (Seedlings, Organic Soil in soil bags etc) and
  3. 3. Cash bonus (Matrix bonus, Cross Category Referral Bonus, Team Leader Bonus)

06. What do CCRB and TLB stand for?

The CCRB (Cross Category Referral Bonus) is the bonus you get for referring people not within your category. While TLB (Team Leader Bonus) is the referral bonus you get for every 100 participants that use your referral link within your category.

07. How many packages can I sign up for?

You can sign up for different packages simultaneously. However, it is important to differentiate each account for easier identification. eg Admin 1, Admin 2 etc.

08. How can I make payment?

Payment is either by Debit card, Voucher or Bank transfers

09. Must I refer to earn?

Yes, our system is a Matrix of 3X2. And we leverage on the power of Three(3)

10. How do I get started

It's really simple to get started. All you need to do is:
  • Register an account - use a referal link
  • Use your referer link to enlist your downline
  • Grow your network
  • And start earning!